Follow Up Ministry

The purpose of Follow Up Ministry/Department is to help maintain a strong level of connection between The RPC Family leadership, its members and visitors. This Ministry/Department is supervised by the Outreach Pastor and they shall report directly to the Bishop/designate.

Essential Functions of Follow Up Team is: 

  • To coordinate guest and new member within the Church
  • To Process The RPC Family worship attendance and to keep track of current members and guests.
  • To contact and follow up with guests and new members to ensure they are integrated, connected, and involved in the life of the church
  • To examine changes in attendance patterns for members and reach out to them in an effort to reconnect them to the life of the church
  • To maintain our membership rolls ensuring accurate and up-to-date contact information of members.

In The Rhema Pentecostal Church both UK and Worldwide, we believe that paying particular attention to communication directed at guests, new members, and the community at large is the best way to encourage their connection and involvement in the Church.

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