Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

The RPC Women Ministries Primary Tasks is to address the concerns and conditions of women of all ages in the congregation and community–that they may grow in their understanding of God, themselves, others, and the world–so that their quality of life may be improved through a personal faith and growth as a disciple.  The Women ministries general responsibilities are as follows:

  • Study the hopes, concerns and needs of women in the congregation and community to determine how best to serve them and how they might best serve each other as Christian disciples and good neighbours.
  • Become familiar with the overall vision and ministry goals of the congregation and established objectives to help achieve these goals through the congregation’s ministry with women.
  • Plan and implement a varied and wide-ranging ministry with women, including worship, study, workshops/seminars, fellowship, and service opportunities.
  • Identify, enlist, train and support leaders (e.g., group leaders, mission chair, etc.) for the congregation’s women ministries.

The women ministries are committed to ensuring the mission and ministry of the congregation are supported and strengthened.

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