Our Leadership

The leadership of The Rhema Pentecostal Church Int. (The RPC Family) is a “Theocracy” whereby Christ Jesus (Yeshua HaMashiach) is the head of the Church. He rules through His appointed ministries, having Divine checks and balances in the government of His Church. It is the express purpose of God, our Heavenly Father, to call out of the world a saved people, who shall constitute the Body or the Church of Jesus Christ, built and established upon the foundations of the apostles and prophets, while Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone (Ephesians 2:19-20).


Church Hierarchy

The hierarchy or the chain of command in The RPC Family is designed in the fulfilment of the purpose of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, and is as follows:

  1. President Founder:                         The Presiding Bishop/General Overseer
  2. Senior Ministers:                              Reverend Ministers of Religions/Resident Pastors
  3. Elders/Deacons:                                The Executive Head of the local Churches
  4. Ministers:                                          Clergymen and Clergywomen.
  5. Head of Departments (HoD):          Appointed Leaders of various departments/ministries

Presiding Bishop

The Presiding Bishop is the president founder of The Rhema Pentecostal Church Int. (The RPC Family).  He have the authority to act on behalf of Christ, to appoint, promote, terminate and transfer either the administrative or operational staffs with the support of the international executive council.

  • The Presiding Bishop have the authority and veto over any Council decisions that is controversial and ambiguously stated.
  • The Presiding Bishop can also permit the request or recommendation of the executive Council of the RPC Family to promote, transfer, discipline and terminate any member of staffs of the RPC Family.


The RPC Family Executive Council.

The Rhema Pentecostal Church International Executive Council is the highest decisions making organ of the church, and shall be headed by the Presiding Bishop, who is also the Founder and the President of the Rhema Pentecostal Church Int. or his designate.

The International Executive Council (United Kingdom) shall serve as both the administrative and operational arm of The RPC Family worldwide.


The Power of the Executive Council

The Council shall have the power and authority to make policies, approve appointment, selection, nomination, promotion, discipline, suspend and terminate any erring members of staffs and it shall also have the power to excommunicate any member or minister working and walking against The RPC Family’s Tenet, Core Values and sacred word of God, the Bible.

The Membership of the RPC Family Int. Executive Council shall comprise of the following:

  1. The Presiding Bishop of the RPC Family – Chairperson of the Executive Council.
  2. The Women Director – 1st Deputy Chairperson of the Executive Council.
  3. The Church General Secretary – Executive Council Secretary
  4. The Church Treasurer – Executive Council Treasure.


Note One:

This Structure of The RPC Family, Executive Council and its Function shall continue through: International, National, Area, District and Local level.


Note One:

The RPC Family executive Council shall not at any point in time exceed nine membership executive Council.

All other members apart from the first four executive member shall be designated Executive Council members.

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