The RPC Family Vision Statement

The RPC Family Vision statement shall be:

  1. To equip God’s people for the work of the Lord.
  2. To equip saints with the knowledge of the Son of God and make them mature, by attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.
  3. To serve the Lord in our Community with an excellent by breaking the strong hold of negative thinking, suicide tendency, satanic and emotional bondages.
  4. To build a community that does not only embrace change but initiate it in order to present the Christian message and attitude in a contemporary and relevant way.
  5. To build congregation of praise and royalty.
  6. To train and raise leaders who are able to stand do the work of the ministry effectively and efficiently
  7. To promote the Mercy mission of the Church and charitable works for the upliftment of individual member of the community.
  8. To the advancement of education, and unity worldwide.

The RPC Family Mission Statement

  1. The RPC Family shall by the teaching and the preaching of the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, actively pursue the advancement of the Christian faith.
  2. The RPC Family, shall through constant and consistent leadership training equip God`s people for the works of the ministry, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach the unity of faith in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.
  3. The RPC Family, shall through the care services to the less privilege, promote Mercy mission and charitable works for the upliftment of individual members in our community and thereby eradicate of material poverty.
  4. The RPC Family shall carry out regularly the deliverance and healing services for its members and all interested members of the public through its weekly prayer meetings.
  5. The RPC Family shall have the mandate to raise, prepare and ordain prospective leaders for growth of the body of Christ through its leadership training and ordination/consecrations.

The RPC Family Core Values

The Rhema Pentecostal Church Int, shall be a place where we shall constantly and regularly celebrate Grace, Love & Truth (GRALOT). These three statements shall form our ministry Core Value.


GRACE – In The RPC Family, we understand by the scriptural truth of 1Cor.15:10 that we are here by grace.

  1. We equally understand that the grace of God can be taking in vain and it can also be frustrated (1Cor.6:1, Gal.2:21).
  2. In The RPC Family, we believe that NOBODY can receive anything on earth, except it is given to him from heaven (John.3:27). Hence, nobody has the right to anything except what the Lord provides, therefore, in The RPC Family, we shall not celebrate human gifting’s or abilities that does not have biblical proof and that does not originate from the Lord.
  3. If it is grace it must be submitted to the use of building up of the body that is church which in this case is The RPC Family.
  4. Every members and leaders who sees and uses the grace of God like his tithes, time, and gifts to promotes himself alone and to further his/her own comfort alone without due consideration of the church of God has frustrated and taken the grace of God in vain. Such person has violated the ministry core values and shall stand to be either demoted or expel.


LOVE – the Love of Christ is the bases for all that we shall be doing in the RPC Family.

  1. For us here whatever that is not done out of love is fake, hence it shall be condemn in its totality.
  2. In the RPC Family we shall not neglect to show the love of God to all our members especially by recognizing them on their important dates like birthday and wedding anniversaries.
  3. Equally, our leaders and the community where which we are operating from shall not be neglected in the share of the love of God to them through our love gifts as much as the Lord blesses us.
  4. We shall not neglect to remember to annually honour our founding Bishop, his wife with the executive members for their love, contributions and sacrifices to the development of our ministry, this is in line with Divine Instruction for the Ministry to encourage the SET MAN that will cause us to inherit the land (Deut.1:38).


TRUTH – The bible says in 2 Cor.13:8 “For we can do nothing against the truth…’ the word of God is truth, Jesus our Lord is truth, therefore in the RPC Family, Our core value shall be to support the truth and do the truth.

  1. To us in The RPC Family, the word of God and Jesus Christ are the foundations upon which all our action shall be based.
  2. That is to say, every doctrines, Judgement and verdicts shall be established by the word of God and the standard highlighted by the life and teaching of our saviour Jesus Christ.

At no point shall cultural and human laws and dogma shall be accepted as the basis for running our organisation (1Cor. 2:15, 1Cor.6:1-11). Telling lies and supporting lies shall be seen as promoting the works of the devil and as such shall always be met with stiff penalty among us both at the leadership level and membership level (John.8:44). Essentially, for good communication, effective evangelism and quality discipleship.  Members shall be truthful to one another. In Eph.4:25, the bible says we should put away lying, let each one of us speak truth to his neighbour.

In Mathew 5:37, the scripture says, ‘But let your, Yes be yes and let your No be no, for anything beyond these is of evil’.

In The RPC Family, believe that if you genuinely love your brothers and your sisters in Christ, it will not be difficult for you to tell them the truth. It is for your own good to have others best interest at heart; be reliable, faithful and credible. Let us know each other’s weaknesses and limitations so that we will not judge ourselves wrongly.

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